Shower Waterproofing Kits and Components

Options for Everyone... the Professional, and the Do It Yourself-er! 
Brand name waterproofing... put together in kits for you!

Looking for more options for waterproofing? Here you go! PVC liners are the traditional, least expensive, waterproofing option for tile showers. Red Gard Roll On Membrane is a great choice for barrier free showers and shower areas when using the Handi-Kirb and installing mosaic tile. If you are looking to waterproof an oversized shower area, the EPDM Rubber Membrane may be the best choice for you. Check out these options to find the one that suits your project.

All products have written manufacturer instructions and installation videos that are available on our website and YouTube. It is important to read all installation instructions from each manufacturer to achieve a solid, leak proof shower.

Check out some components to make your new shower a real spa experience! Install a floating bench, or a niche to store shampoo and soap, or add a solid threshold to the shower entrance. Looking for something a bit more custom? Contact us!