Recess-It Niche for Tile Shower

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14" x 14" Recess It shower niche  (item # REC1414)

The Innovis Recess-It Shower Niches are produced of a corrosion resistant alloyed aluminum with an elastomeric-water proofing and anti-fracture coating combined with an aggregate bonding base.

Finish with any materials such as ceramic tile, marble, or granite, the shower niches can be applied immediately after product installation utilizing standard mastic or thin-set. Supplied with 4 wall fasteners which may be used with/without pre installed wood blocking. Each niche has 1.5" flange all around for mounting, the depth of all the niches is 3 7/8" with all sides sloped outwards to allow to be places any direction. 

Add the floating shelf, place directly on the top edge of selected tile course. Apply surface bull nose tile (SBN) or other finish treatment to the top and bottom of floating shelf by using thin-set or mastic to sandwich shelf unit. Allow front edge of applied tiles to extend 1/8" minimum to allow for grout coverage of shelf. 12.5" front edge x 13" back wall x 3 1/8" depth x 1/16" thickness

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