Shower Subfloor Lowering Kit

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Subfloor Lowering Kit contents

The Subfloor Lowering Kit is used to easily lower 24 square feet of a shower subfloor to create a no to low threshold for a barrier free shower entrance that is ideal for wheelchairs and other mobility requirements. 

This kit is perfect for quick installations as the brackets can be installed on top of the I-Joist rather than attaching the 2x4 support to the side of the I-Joist, and the kit negates the need for joist penetrations and web stiffeners.

Brackets will need to be spaced at a maximum of 36″ to achieve L/360 with a live load of 40PSF and a dead load of 20PSF. 

It is recommend that structural grade 2 or better Douglas Fir, Larch or pine be used. If your subfloor is thick, trim the 2x4 so that the subfloor sits flush with the joist. 

This kit contains:

  • 81 x wood screws
  • 36 x joist hanger nails
  • 15 x joist brackets
  • 6 x wall brackets (can also be adapted to be used at the joists)

**2x4 and subfloor material NOT included. It is recommended to use subfloor adhesive at the hanger seats. 

Installation Instructions

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