How To Use Quick Pitch System

How to build your shower with the Quick-Pitch System:

 The Quick-Pitch System requires a part by part building process.

 The first part of the system is the Pre-Pitch, this pitch is to be placed on your sub floor, whether it is wooden or concrete. The point of the Pre-Pitch system is to provide a proper slope underneath your shower pan liner in order for the water that goes through your mortar bed to be directed toward your drain. This will stop any chance for mold and mildew to build from water sitting on a flat surface. This slope is a proper 1/4"/foot slope. It is also recommended to use our Mortar Reinforcement kit, which is available in either 11 Sq/Ft or 16 Sq/Ft, when installing your shower on a wooden sub floor to ensure proper drying of the mortar bed.

 The second part of the system is the shower pan liner, which is the water proofing on your shower floor. This is important to use whether or not you are on a main level or a basement of your house. A  shower pan liner is always required in any tile shower application. You will want to ensure when choosing the size of your  shower pan liner that you have at least 6" additional on each side to go up the walls (6" is minimum code). Depending on the size of liner you choose, you may not have enough product to get all the way over the 3 wooden 2 x 4 curb and to the other side, in these circumstances, you can use our Bituthene Curb Seal to complete the waterproofing of the curb to your bathroom floor. 

 The third part of the shower is the Kirb-Perfect/Handi-Kirb. This is to be used wherever your entrance to your shower is and can also be used anywhere else along the perimeter of your shower where you may have glass. The Kirb-Perfect is 5" high and 4" wide and is meant to be built on top of 3 wooden 2 x 4's. The Handi-Kirb is for use in handicapped showers when a regular square curb is not usable.

 The fourth part of the shower is the Quick-Pitch, this pitch is to be placed on top of your shower pan liner and this is the mortar bed in which you will be setting your tile to. This slope is a proper 1/4"/foot slope. When combining the Pre-Pitch and the Quick-Pitch, even though it will be essentially a double slope, you will not notice when standing inside of the shower, no matter the size. Don't forget your Positive Weep Hole Protector, which is to be placed on top of the bolts in your drain, but underneath the Quick-Pitch ring. If you are using our Square Drain, you will require the Universal Quick-Pitch Ring.


Step 1 - Figure out the dimensions of your shower - It can be helpful to draw this on a piece              of paper

            a) Measure the length and width of your shower - If using a drawing, add in the                        dimensions

            b) Decide if your drain will be in the center or if it will be off-set - draw in the                            placement of the drain

Step 2 - Find out the amount of Pre-Pitch/Quick-Pitch Standard Kit or additional Pre-                          Pitch/Quick-Pitch Singles you will require

            a) On your drawing - Draw lines from where you placed your drain to each corner of                  your shower

            b) Take the dimension of each wall separately - if your wall is 30" or less you will                      not require any additional sticks, if your wall is 31" to 60", you will require 1 stick                  to go from the drain to the center of that wall, if you have 61" to 90", you will                      require 2 sticks to go from the drain to the wall, evenly spaced 30" apart.

            c) If you are using our Square drain, you will require the Universal Center Ring for                    the Quick-Pitch

Step 3 - Find out the amount of Pre-Pitch/Quick-Pitch Extended Kits or Singles you require.

            a) You will need to measure your shower from your drain to your corners and walls                    at each stick placement around the perimeter on your drawing.

            b) Any lines that are more than 36" in length, you will require an extension

Step 4 - Find out which type and size of shower pan liner you would like to use. You have                   the option between a Pre-Fabricated OneLiner shower pan liner or a PVC pan liner                 or Red Gard.

             a) A pre-fabricated OneLiner is a one piece shower pan liner made from                                   polyethylene. It can withstand the roughness that a construction area can bring.                   It is guaranteed leak free and also has a 25 year warranty.

             b) A  PVC shower Pan Liner is a sheet of PVC that you would build and fold to fit                       your shower space. This product comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty.

             c) Red Gard is a waterproofing you roll on like paint, it takes 2 coats, use fiber tape                   and mesh mat to tie in waterproofing. 


Step 5 - Find out the amount of Kirb-Perfect/Handi-Kirb you will require. The Kirb-                             Perect/Handi-Kirb is30" long and simply clip together before installation to extend.

            a) On your drawing - draw where you will require the curb to go

            b) Measure the length of curb you require in inches - you will need 1 Kirb-Perfect for                  every 30"

  Need a better understanding? Watch our .