Mapelath Synthetic Lath Reinforcement Kits

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Mapelath Synthetic Lath

Mapelath Synthetic Lath Underlayment & Mortar Reinforcement Kit

Mapelath is a non-corroding alkali-resistant synthetic lath used to protect mortar from cracking on wood subfloors. Lighter and much easier to work with than traditional wire lath and heavy underlayments, this kit will reduce your installation time and lower the chances of mortar cracks due to moisture being pulled away by the wood subfloor. Mapelath minimizes the overall finished height of the floor.

Mapelath can be used under Quick Pitch Kit on plywood subfloors when installing a surface membrane over top. In order to get the Quick Pitch to stay in place, Quick Clips will be required.

Each kit includes synthetic lath and tar paper.

Product Information and Installation

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