StringA-Level Standard Kit

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Two sections of flexible StringA Level and one rigid section

When setting your first row of tiles on any project, starting level is most critical to any layout! To prevent slippage, fasten the StringA-Levels around the perimeter to hold your first full course of tile. Now by using spacers, you can tile your full wall to ceiling without possible slippage, while keeping your tiles level at all times.

If a border tile of a different size is being used, simply mark the size to be left out, add another row of StringA-Levels and continue to the ceiling. After tile has set up and is dry, remove the StringA-Levels. Mark and cut your bottom row and borders to fit in place.

**Makes a great gift for any tile setter or handyman!


4 - Rigid Sections (each measures 27" long x 1  1/4" wide x 2" high)

4 - Flexible Sections (each measures 13" long x 1  1/4" wide x 2" high)

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