Quick Pitch Extension Sticks - 4 pack

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EFS-103 Quick Pitch Extensions 4 sticks in the package

Quick Pitch Extended sticks are designed to easily clip on to the Quick Pitch Standard sticks for shower areas where the walls are more than 36" (but less than 72") from the floor drain. If your shower sub-floor exceeds the standard 30" x 60" shower areas with a centered drain, or for custom shower areas where the drain is more than 36" from each wall, you will need to order the QuickPitch Extended Sticks. Each package contains 4 Quick Pitch Extended Sticks (1 3/4” to 2 1/2” x 36” long) and installation instructions.

Have a large shower and need more sticks? Order some Quick Pitch Extended Single Sticks to make up the difference.

Please Note: The Quick Pitch Extended Kit does not come with any Quick Pitch Standard sticks, they are simply pieces to extend the quick-pitch standard sticks more than 36". 

Product Information and Installation

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