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In what order are your products installed, look at each product for more details.

Pre Pitch Standard 

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StringA Level

Handi Curb (in place of Kirb Perfect)


What type of cement do I use?
We recommend 4 parts clean damp sand / 1 part Portland Cement. Many tile distributors and home stores offer it pre-blended and bagged.

Pre-Pitch BUY NOW 

Why do I need to use Pre-Pitch?
Pre-Pitch produces a properly pitched sub-floor UNDERNEATH the pan liner to direct water towards the drain’s weep holes. This eliminates the ponding of water between the liner and the mud bed inside the liner, this will help eliminate mold and bacteria growth.

Your video shows wire lath and tar paper under Pre-Pitch, is this required?
Yes, only on wood sub floors. The wire reinforces the mud bed and the felt paper keeps the moisture from being absorbed into the wood sub floor.

How much of a pitch does it create?
Both Pre-Pitch and Quick Pitch create the code minimum requirement ¼ inch fall per foot.

What does “reverse mark” mean?
It's a way of measuring a cut without a ruler.

Do I use a weep hole protector with Pre-Pitch?
No. It's installed on top of the liner, not under it.

Is Pre-Pitch attached to the sub floor?
Yes. The proper screws for wood and 2 sided tape for concrete are included in every Pre-Pitch kit.

How large of a shower will Pre-Pitch accommodate?
Just like Quick Pitch, Pre-Pitch will extend 6 feet out from the drain. They will both accommodate a 12 foot by 12 foot area with a centered floor drain.

Should I level the sub floor before I use Pre-Pitch?
Only when necessary. When the sub floor is not reasonably flat and level. In this case, a self-leveling compound or other means of leveling should be considered.

Kirb-Perfect BUY NOW 

Why should I use Kirb-Perfect?
Kirb-Perfect is designed to slide onto the membrane wrapped 2x4 curb. Nailed to the outside wall of the curb only Kirb-Perfect will preserves the integrity of liner by not puncturing it on the top or inside wall.

How long of a curb can I make?
Unlimited. Located on both ends of each 30 inch section of Kirb-Perfect are dovetail connectors. These lock the sections together before being filled with mud which makes Kirb-Perfect unlimited.

Can I trim Kirb-Perfect to make a shorter curb?
Yes, but keep in mind, the mud bed and tiled shower floor cannot be thinned. Code requires mud beds to be a minimum 1½ inches thick.

Is Kirb-Perfect pitched?
Yes. The top piece has the pitch built into it. Embossed arrows point in the direction of the fall.

What type of cement do I fill it Kirb-Perfect with?
Fill with the same Portland/sand mix used for Pre-Pitch.

Do I have to use 2x4's with your curb?
We recommend it, although there is a way they can be eliminated by sandwiching the liner between the inside and outside wall pieces when screwing them together. Fill with Portland/sand mix for a solid cement curb. Check your local Plumbing Codes if this is an acceptable alternative method.

Quick Pitch BUY NOW 

Explain why you manufacture 3 different Quick Pitch kits?

Standard Quick Pitch Kit (QPK-101) includes 6 sticks and the center ring that holds the sticks around the drain riser. This kit is for an area in which the walls on curb do not exceed 36 inches from the drain.

Extra Float Stick Kit (XFS-101.2) includes 9 standard sticks and is generally needed for curved custom showers or showers with more than 4 walls. Also for use where drains are 36 inches or less from the walls.

Extended Float Stick Kit (EFS-103) include 8 sticks that attach to the ends of the Standard Sticks extending the sticks up to 72 inches. Keep in mind that if Extended Float Sticks are needed you will most likely need Extra Float Sticks because the float sticks need to be 2-2 ½ ft. from each other at the furthest ends from the drain for easier screeding so more float sticks will be need.

Does Quick Pitch produce a level perimeter?
If a level line is desired shim sticks with mud under the stick end to raise them up to a level line, then screed to the top of the sticks as normal. (Keep in mind that a shower where the drain is 4-6 inches from the wall as in the video, is an installation you would not want a level line as this would create a volcano effect at the drain. In this instance let Quick Pitch do the job as designed it will create the perfect slope as in the video.)

Will Quick Pitch work for off center drains?
Yes. Our installation video demonstrates an installation with the drain at one end as in a tub being removed to create a shower.

Won't Pre-Pitch and Quick Pitch together double the pitch to ½ inch?
No. The Quick Pitch Center Ring rests on top of the flange bolts of the drain which raises the system up to allow for water to flow to the weep holes and compensate for the Pre-Pitch eliminating the doubling of the pitch.

Do I have to use your liner and drain?
Quick Pitch will work with most liners and most standard adjustable shower drains. If using a liner or drain not purchased from Dix Systems, contact us to confirm compatibility. All liners and all standard adjustable shower drains sold by Dix Systems will work with Quick Pitch.

Will Quick Pitch work without using Pre-Pitch?
Quick Pitch creates the mud bed inside the liner and it is not recommended. It is improper and against code to build a shower without some type of pre slopping of the sub floor.

What should I use to set the tile to the mortar bed?
A latex modified thin set is recommended. 

Is cracking ever an issue where the float sticks are in the mud bed?
No, the float sticks are designed to allow the cement mix to surround them and become reinforcing as wire.

StringA-Level BUY NOW

Do I purchase pieces individually?
StringA-Level is available separate or in kits. The Standard Kit (SLSK-0204) includes 4 red rigid sections and 2 yellow flexible sections. It will cover a 3' x 5' or smaller shower. The Contractor Kit (SLSK-1010) includes 10 of each. Both kits include a storage bag. The flexible and rigid sections and each of their corresponding bubble vials are also available individually.

Why should I use washers?
Durock, HardieBoard, high/low thread type screws have ribs under the head that helps embed them into the hard material. Over time, these ribs start to take a toll on the slots by shredding them. The use of washers prevents this from happening.

What do I do if StringA-Level doesn't layout perfectly?
Individual sections do not need to interlock in order for StringA-Level to be useful. Their strength and accuracy won't be compromised if sections cease, then begin again around outside corners. Inside corners can be bridged instead of the flexible pieces fitting in tight, etc.

Weep Hole Protectors BUY NOW 

What are these and what do they do?
Made of thin plastic, we have found them to be very reliable in keeping cement from blocking any of the weep holes in shower drain assemblies.