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Custom Pan Facts and Pictures 

Any time you are building a shower pan or installing our OneLiner you need to do a water test, in our installation of the OneLiner this is after the pan and curb are in plug the drain, put water mark level and wait 24 hrs to make sure there are no leaks.

Full installation video of the OneLiner by Dix Systems 


"What Lies Beneath":


This 2 minute video will introduce DIX Systems' shower liners; The OneLiner system that is seamless and virtually leak proof. A great choice for those who DIY, as well as contractors. 


Step 1 "Floor Prep, Pre-Pitch, and Mortar Installation":


In this video we will cover floor preparation, pre-pitch, and mortar installation, how to ensure a level floor and drain, how to cut and lay out pitch, and how to mix and spread mortar.


Step 2 "OneLiner Installation":

In this video we will cover OneLiner installation on the mortar shower bed. Plumber's Caulk must be applied around the drain prior to the installation of the OneLiner shower liner. 

Step 3 "Cutting Drain Hole and Drain Attachment":


In this video we will cover how to mark and cut the drain hole through the already installed opaque OneLiner shower liner, as well as how to secure the drain attachment.


Step 4"Cutting the Curb and Waterproofing the Curb":


In this video we will cover how to accurately cut the OneLiner to fit the curb and how to accurately install bituthene in order to waterproof the curb.


Step 5 "Installing Vapour Barrier and Installing Backer Board":


In this video we will cover the installation of the Certain Teed membrane vapor barrier along walls, as well as the accurate method for placement and attachment of backer board.


Step 6"Installing Kirb-Perfect and Installing Handi-Kirb":


In this video we will cover how to assemble, cut, and fit the Kirb-Perfect, as well as the option of instead installing the wheelchair-accessible Handi-Kirb.


Step 7 "Quick Pitch and Weep Hole Protector":


In this video we will cover the installation of quick pitch and weep hole protector, as well as placement of float sticks. We describe when it is best to purchase the Quick Pitch Standard Installation Kit as opposed to the Quick Pitch Extended Kit.


Step 8 "Mortar Installation for Kirb-Perfect":


In this video we will cover the process of properly mixing and laying mortar, as well as tips for preventing mortar from clogging the drain. At this stage, it is best to fill any benches.


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