What Makes Our OneLiner Different

Benefits of a Shower Pan Liner Kit by Dix Systems

At the core of Dix System’s vision is to introduce new and innovative products that respond to the needs of the construction industry.

The OneLiner shower pan liner kit is our response to the age-old problem of the leaky ceramic tile shower base.

Dix Systems has effectively designed a superior shower pan installation process and product by:

  • Eliminating all folds and seams
  • Adding pre-slopes
  • Adding a three part drain placement
  • And curb waterproofing

We proudly offer the OneLine shower pan liner kit in the following:





Neo Angled

Custom Sizes

Dix Systems can create OneLiner shower pan liners in custom sizes for any unique building requirements. Please inquire.

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Both our DIY and Contractor customers can’t stop talking about how easy our shower pan liner  installation is and the incredible results it provides!

Leak Free - 100% Waterproof Seal Guaranteed!

Dix Systems uses cost efficient, recycled and innovative materials to provide a “no water penetration” guarantee. There are no folds or seams to worry about and the puncture proof, properly sloped design eliminates standing water.

Easy Shower Pan Liner Installation

Some of our customers who have never installed a shower pan before have come back to us bragging that it took less than a few hours to install theirs on their own. No mess, no problems plus an extremely helpful shower pan video to visually guide you through the shower pan installation process.

Customization of Shower Pan Drain

The unique translucent liner material allows you to select the exact location of the drain unlike other prefabricated liners with fixed location drainage, allowing you to work with the current drain configuration in your shower space.

Cost Effective for Tile

Not only is the Dix System’s OneLiner shower membrane liner made from cost effective materials, they are also easy to install even with no experience. This translates into significant labor savings for DIY’ers and excellent time savings for experienced contractors.

Durable for Lifetime of the Shower

Dix Systems designs all its OneLiner shower pans to withstand even the worst construction conditions. Resistance to punctures and tears is a direct result of high quality materials and parts. This means that your shower pan installation job will last for a lifetime.

25 Year Consumer Warranty Guarantee

Each standard or custom shower pan liner by Dix Systems is backed by our 25 year consumer warranty. We guarantee that your shower base pan will not puncture or break apart during installation and will hold water up to 3” deep during usage. All replaced OneLiners are guaranteed for the full warranty period.

For Shower Pan Replacement or New Builds

Our customers choose our shower pan membrane system for both renovations and new shower construction.

Whether you are tired of struggling to install a traditional PVC shower floor liner that is prone to tear and leakage or want to choose the superior shower pan kit the first time around, Dix Systems is here to help.

Our OneLiner is a great shower pan alternative to traditional PVC shower pan liners, which perform poorly over time and fail to provide full waterproofing control.

The feedback we get from our Contractor and DIY customers is outstanding. Most are impressed with how easy building shower pan bases becomes with Dix Systems and everyone is eager to use our shower base pan in their next project or recommend to their friends.

Shower Pan Kit Includes

Each Dix Systems’ OneLiner shower floor pan kit comes highly recommended and includes:

  • Pre-Pitch shower liner installation kit for mortar bed floor preparation
  • 30” Kirb-Perfect shower edge curb Kit
  • Three part round drain
  • Shower Pan Quick Pitch Kit for drainage slope
  • Weep hold protector
  • 5 L/F Bituthene
  • Plumber’s Silicone
  • Plus written instruction manual and check out the video's for installation.

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Dix Systems offers the best show pan liner kit and quick pitch option on the market.

Our innovative shower base pan solutions plus our dedication and friendly and prompt customer service help set us apart from other ordinary PVC liner retailers. Receive fast estimates for both commercial and residential shower installation projects.

To buy a shower pan liner online or for more information about the benefits of the OneLiner by Dix Systems or to learn more about the shower pan kit installation, contact our tile shower system experts: 1-888-450-0112 or contact.