Sure Seal Inline Trap Sealer Product Information

Shower Drain Odor Control by SureSeal

Desperate to put an end to unpleasant and dangerous drain odors in your home?

Watch the following informative Drain Odor Control video to learn more about the revolutionary SureSeal odor control trap sealer! The SureSeal shower drain odor control trap sealer is the green solution for shower drain odor removal in your home. Whether you are installing a new shower, renovating an old shower, or needing to replace a failed trap primer, install the SureSeal shower drain odor control trap sealer in your bathroom. This can also be used in other drains in your home, such as controlling basement laundry room drain odor.

Did you know that SureSeal is far more cost-effective than the cheapest trap primer solution and is much easier to install? Shower Drain Odor Control FeaturesAny DIY homeowner can install this shower drain odor control trap sealer; it is as simple as removing the existing drain grate, inserting the SureSeal and replacing the grate. 

Learn more about the SureSeal health and safety, cost saving and eco-friendly benefits or contact our Dix Systems drain experts with any additional questions.

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Shower Drain Odor Control Features

  • Creates a physical barrier and acts as a valve that allows water to flow down the drain but prevents odors from coming up.
  • Prevents evaporation in the p-trap, which is a common cause of odors. If evaporation does occur the SureSeal prevents dangerous and noxious sewer gases from entering your home and affecting your family.
  • Space-Age elastomeric neoprene materials provide years of continued use. Proven for 40 years of use without degradation in plumbing applications and for nearly 50 years in non-plumbing critical applications.
  • Successfully tested with common cleaning solutions and other chemicals approved for drain disposal.
  • Continues to function even with common debris such as hair, mop strings, food residue, and more.

Plus the SureSeal does not affect water flow thanks to its patented engineering and design. In fact it meets the new and strict ASSE 1072 plumbing code for all floors and flow rates.

Sure Seal Shower Drain Odor Control Applications

Order the SureSeal floor drain trap sealer for use in the following drain types:

  1. Indoor shower drains
  2. Outdoor drain pipes
  3. Basement floor drains
  4. Water heater drains
  1. HVAC condensation drains
  2. Maintenance areas
  3. Floor and mop sinks
  4. Residential bathrooms
  1. kitchen sink drains
  2. Laundry room drains

Whatever the application, you’ll be glad to say goodbye to unwanted odors. Plus you will love how the SureSeal Shower Drain Odor Control Trap can help lower your water bills, reduce the amount of waste water flowing through sewage treatment plants, and stop adding chemicals and foreign elements into the environment. More Benefits

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