More Benefits from Sure Seal

Sure Seal Shower Drain Odor Control Benefits

At a glance the SureSeal Inline Trap Sealer solves the problem of infrequently used drains by eliminating the need for a trap primer while keeping sewer gas emissions from entering your living or work area. It is much less expensive, much more effective, and much easier to maintain than a trap primer.

Ultimately the Sure Seal will eliminate odors but the product has many more benefits you may not have thought of:

  • Health Benefits – It stops smelly sewer gases with bacteria and disease from leaking into your home.
  • Cost Benefits – It is much cheaper than a trap primer and you can install it yourself (no need for a plumber).
  • Eco Benefits – This odor control device saves water.
  • Performance Benefits- It meets all plumbing code standards and doesn't restrict water flow.
  • Convenient Benefits – The drain odor control is both easy to install and virtually maintenance free.

Below is a detailed overview of SureSeal shower drain odor control benefits. If you have further questions about this product or any other shower drain questions please contact our Dix Systems drain experts.

Health & Safety Benefits

Protecting the health and well-being of your family or customers is always a top priority. By installing the Sure Seal you will be able to:

  • Protect against the spread of hazardous bacteria like Salmonella
  • Block out deadly infectious diseases like SARS, which are also thought to be caused or spread by sewer gases
  • Stop microbiological growth
  • Prevent lime scale growth

Cost Saving Benefits

At Dix Systems we are always looking for new innovative and affordable plumbing products for our customers. The Sure Seal meets all of our criteria!

  • The Sure Seal drain odor eliminator is much more affordable than purchasing all the parts required for even the cheapest trap primer solution.
  • There is no need to pay a plumber to install the trap – any homeowner or DIY person can install it on their own.
  • There is no trap primer to fail, which means you will completely avoid complex, time consuming and expensive repairs! You will never have to dig up walls or floors to access the problem.
  • Saves water and reduces your water bill.

Green and Eco-Friendly Benefits

An eco-friendly alternative may not be on your mind but you will be pleasantly surprised by the “green” features of this SureSeal drain odor control product:

  • Decreases use of potable water thus lowering your water bill each month.
  • Keeps unnecessary water from going through sewage treatment.

Performance Benefits

Not only does the SureSeal keep odors where they belong (in your sewer) it also:

  • Meets the ASSE 1072 plumbing code standards.
  • Does not restrict effective water flow.

Installation Benefits

The SureSeal can be used for both new construction and retrofit applications to replace a failed trap primer or where a trap primer was never installed.

  • Unlike P-Traps which are complex, time consuming and expensive to install, any homeowner or DIY person can install the SureSeal shower drain odor control in just minutes.
  • Compatible with various designs and drain types.

Low-Maintenance Benefits

Once installed (which is as easy as removing the existing drain grate, inserting the SureSeal and replacing the grate) the Sure Seal shower drain odor control is virtually maintenance free except for occasional flushing. 

  • You no longer need to use a trap primer.
  • No need to call your plumber back because there is no longer a trap primer to fail.
  • The Space-Age elastomeric neoprene construction has been tested for 40 years of continuous use in plumbing applications and 50 years in non-plumbing applications, without degradation! This means that you are unlikely to have to replace it during the lifetime of your home!
  • This shower drain odor control unit continues to function properly even with common drain debris such as hair and food.

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