EBBE Surface Bond Drain Kit

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EBBE Surface bond drain kit ABS or PVC

The Ebbe Surface Bond Drain Kit is created to be used with fleece mat surface membranes, available in ABS or PVC. The square riser comes with a blue sealant over the construction plate, which ensures that the glue does not glue the construction plate down. This can easily be peeled off once the installation is complete and you are set to remove the construction plate. 

Note: It is NOT recommended to be used with any roll on type of surface membrane without the fiber glass drain cover.

These drains do not come complete with a grate, please ensure that a EBBE 4" grate color is chosen, if you would like to choose one of our EBBE Unique stainless steel grates.

 Glue and paint thinner are not provided in kit.

Installation Information

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