Solid Foam Benches Information and Installation

DIX Solid Foam Bench Seat

Made of high density polystyrene

Absolutely waterproof and mold resistant

Lightweight and easy to install


Dix solid shower bench is to be installed over a premade water tight mortar bed floor such as the OneLiner and mortar bed system that has been cured for a minimum 24 hours. Concrete board or cement plaster is installed and ready to tile. If the tile has already been installed make sure the soap residue has been removed and the tile been thoroughly cleaned.

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Required Tools and Materials

Minimum 3/8” x 3/8” notch trowel


Silicone sealant – mildew resistant

Latex modified thinset



-check that your Dix solid Shower bench seat will sit square to the walls and floor

-if voids of more than 1/8” mark these areas

-mark area around the bench with pencil

-using notch trowel apply wet thinset to the walls and floor in the area you marked

-at this time notch same areas of your bench that will attach to the floor and wall adding to the areas that are voids of more than 1/8” that you previously marked

-set your bench into place and firmly press for full contact

-remove any thinset that may have oozed out at the edges

-let dry 24 hours (time may vary if your humidity is high)

-check that your thinset is dry

-silicone the top edge and let dry before applying tile, this is to prevent moisture from collecting in any small unseen voids

-now install your tile or stone products using the same latex thinset mixture


NOTE: If cutting a bench seat, mark your lines to cut, using a handsaw cut to your mark to customize your seat to your design

-If attaching seats together, use the latex modified thinset and let set before setting in place.