Common Questions and Answers on OneLiner



1. How do I measure properly for a standard/custom size OneLiner Kit?

For Standard size OneLiner Kits measure the inside dimensions of the shower floor from stud to stud including to the inside of the curb and order directly from a distributor nearest you or you may order directly from our website using Pay Pal.  For custom size OneLiner measure the inside dimensions of the shower floor from stud to stud including the inside of the curb and call our toll free number @ 1-888-450-0112 for a quote on your Custom Size OneLiner Kit.

2. How much mortar will I need for my shower?

We recommend you allow 20lbs/square foot for a standard shower layout with the Pre-Pitch, Quick Pitch and Kirb Perfect. If you have a lot of extra curbing or benches, it is best to get extra.

Example, if you have a 34"x60" OneLiner, it's about 15sqft x 20lbs/sqft = 300lbs of mortar needed. Usually mortar comes in 50lb bags, so you would require 6 bags.

3. What type of mortar should I use?

We recommend a 4:1 sand to cement mixture, but there are some 3:1 mixtures that can work too. Some common brands are:

  • Mapei: 4:1 Mortar Mix or Tops & Premix
  • Custom: Thick Bed (3:1)
  • Flextile: Dry Pack Mortar Mix (4:1)
  • Quickcrete: Sand/Topping Mix (3:1) 
4. Where can I purchase the OneLiner Kit?

You may purchase the OneLiner directly from our Website using Pay Pal or contact us directly on our toll free number at 1-888-450-0112. We ship within Canada and the continental United States. If you would like to place an order and you are outside of these areas, contact us directly and we can get you an accurate shipping price for your order.

5. How are the OneLiners manufactured?

Standard size OneLiners are manufactured by using heavy-duty polyethylene pellets melted in a pre-formed mold to develop the structured shower pan. Custom OneLiners are manufactured by a heat molding/folding process, using heavy-duty polyethylene plastic sheets with plastic welding on all corners for extra strength and durability to develop the structured shower pan, as seen in the shower liner install pictures in our instructions.

6. Once I order the OneLiner Kit how long before I receive it?

Please allow 8-14 business days delivery time for a Standard Size OneLiner Kit and 3 to 4 weeks delivery time for a Custom Size OneLiner Kit from the date of your order.

7. How will I know when my OneLiner Kit is being shipped?

Once the OneLiner Kit is ready for pick up we will e-mail you a shipping confirmation letter with a tracking code to help you monitor the progress of your order.

8. I am a DIY, how easy is it to install your OneLiner Kit?

We have worked hard to design the best ceramic tile, stone and marble leak-proof shower floor complete installation kit with the first time Do-It- Yourselfer in mind, with easy to read step by step instructions to help your installation of your OneLiner Kit to go smoothly. The step­by-step instructions can also be viewed on our Website under the product page, just click on the icon click here for instructions to view the instructions in a PDF format.

9. Does your product allow flexibility in the drain position? My shower drain is not centered.

Yes. The OneLiners are semi-transparent and once you place the liner on the shower sub floor you will be able to see exactly where the drain is and be able to cut the drain hole right over the existing drain for an exact fit. This will save you time and money by not having to relocate your plumbing.

10. My shower pan is an odd shaped size; can you custom make the OneLiner?

Yes we can custom make any size or shape OneLiner you require. With odd shaped OneLiners such as Neo Angles, Octagons, etc. we request a rough drawing with all the exact dimensions to be able to build your Custom OneLiner for an exact fit. Rough drawing can be faxed to (780) 487-0110 or e-mailed to

11. Can you tile directly on top of the OneLiner?

No the OneLiner is not developed to have tile adhere directly to it. You still require a traditional mortar bed inside the OneLiner as you would with the old PVC/CPE liner method.

12. With the Pre-Pitch Kit, will I still need to put mortar on the sub floor?

Putting a mortar bed in with the Pre-Pitch Kit gives you the best support for the OneLiner to sit on. However, you don't need to wait overnight for it to harden up, you can put the OneLiner right on top and keep going with the next step.

13. Can the OneLiner be used in a curb-less or "wheelchair accessible" installation?

Yes, if you go to the Architects page on our website there is a cut away diagram that shows the OneLiner is used in a "wheelchair accessible" application.

14. What do I do if the OneLiner I ordered is too big or small?

If the OneLiner you ordered is to big notch our wooden studs to appropriate size If the OneLiner is to small strap "shims" to studs until OneLiner fits. OneLiners may vary 3/16" in size to our measurements.

15. Do I need wood backing between the studs to support the walls of the OneLiner?

No. The OneLiner is a structured heavy-duty polyethylene plastic shower liner that is 1/8" or 2.381mm thick, with 7" high walls that do not need any additional support. Once installed, the overall height from the subfloor to the top of the OneLiner walls is 9". The traditional PVC/CPE plastic liners are only 0.40 mm thick, thus requiring additional support.

 16. The threading on my drain is too short to use with the Quick-Pitch ring.

If you have a drain where your threading is too short to connect to the rest of the drain assembly because you are using the 4" Quick-Pitch ring, try turning the flange part of the drain over so that the threaded part is sticking upwards rather than going down inside of the drain pipe. This should extend your drain enough that you can now thread and keep your drain grate above/in line with the quick-pitch ring.