Shower Waterproofing Kits and Components

Options for Everyone, Professional and the Do It Yourselfer

Brand name waterproofing put all together in kits 

Looking for more options for waterproofing? Here you go! PVC liners are the traditional, least expensive waterproofing for tile showers. RedGard Roll On Membrane is a good choice for barrier free showers and shower areas when using the Handi-Kirb and mosaic tile. If you are looking to waterproof an over sized shower area, the EPDM rubber membrane may be the choice for you. Check out all of these options to find the one that suits you. 

All products have installation videos on You tube as well as our website, also step by step written installation right from manufacturer. This is a very important part reading all directions as per each manufacturer to achieve a solid leak proof tile shower. Also check out all the components that will make your new tile shower a spa experience from floating benches to niches add a solid threshold less silicone seams on doorway. Give us a call for more information. 

The One and Only OneLiner by Dix Systems or the Durock pre sloped pan shower system.