Durock 32"x60" Center Drain Shower Tray

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DUR 32x60C Tray
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Durock 32" x 60" Shower Tray - Centre Drain

With a 3 lbs. density, the molded expanded polystyrene (EPS) shower tray is exceptionally strong, offering greater support for the tile covering in shower applications. Despite its strength, this lightweight shower tray easily cuts with a knife and is dust-free.

  • Made of durable prefabricated lightweight expanded polystyrene
  • Pre-sloped shower tray allows easier construction of barrier-free showers
  • Gradual slope makes tile installation easier
  • Includes durable ABS shower tray disk that features an integrated, removable sub floor cutout template
  • Simplifies installation/eliminates mud bed shower construction
  • No unwanted or unnecessary buildup of the surrounding sub floor
  • On the 32 in. x 60 in. center tray, the center of the drain is 30 in. from the wall lengthwise and 16 in. from the adjacent wall width wise.
  • Shower trays with the center of the drain located less than 4 ft. from any wall will have a perimeter thickness of 1 inch. Shower trays with the center of the drain located more than 4 ft. from any way will have a perimeter thickness of 1-1/4 in. 

Product Information and Installation

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